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Why SEO Matters and what it can do for your company



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Ever wonder why some Google Results are above yours? Like why isn’t your business at the top when your clients search for the “Best Contractor in Fresno”?

Let’s start with the definition of SEO.

SEO: SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website around Google’s, Bings, & Yahoo’s Search Engine policies.

When you type in “Best Tacos in Fresno, CA” Or “Best Web Designer in Fresno CA” Google sends that search term into it’s algorithm and matches the best websites based on the content, domain authority, reputation, and a whole lot of other factors.

When your webdesigner makes your site they may say they optimize your website for SEO, but usually this is just one time changes that make little to no impact on your ranking. If the market is competitive for your search term. Meaning that a lot of people are searching for Contractors in Fresno, then Google’s SEO algorithm pushes out content based on the same factors in a more stricter fashion.

To give you some perspective, let’s take into account a popular search term in Fresno.

“Best Food In Fresno”

How many people search this on average? Well about 590 people a month search for that specific long tail keyword. The next most popular?

“Restaurants in fresno ca riverpark”

This exact term is entered about 390 times per month. Now think that if you ranked for both keywords, that would be about 1000 times your business could potentially be seen if its on the first page of Google.

Take into consideration the type of people that search for these terms. These people may be tourists or people from out of town. These are people that have never heard of you. So if your business pops up at the top, has a lot of positive reviews, and great photos. You can make a bet that they will more than likely give you a shot before anyone else down the list.


It won’t happen overnight, it won’t happen in a week, a month, two months, three or four. It might take about 6-12+ months to rank high on Google.

BUT. If there is low competition on some keywords, we can collect these keywords with 20-40 searches a month and optimize your site around these ones. That will yield results much faster and it will be easier to rank for more popular keywords in the future.


As Gary Vee once said, ” No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story. ” What Gary Vee means is that people buy stories, not products. What’s stopping people from going to your competitor? It’s your story. It’s your compelling story of why you’re different. They follow your story. If you’re only speaking this story in person, and hoping someone else will just spread your story. You see these people spread it the same way you did. So how will Google ever know about you? You just sold to a client who came to you as a referral.

Establish your story online. Make sure it’s understandable and make sure it hits the same tone as it does in person.

How does this help SEO? Well Google wants to share stories. Real stories. They don’t want to share fake stuff that is only made to sell. When you search for something, do you ever find yourself going to the second page?

Rarely huh, Google knows what you want 80-90% of the time. Google picks the most compelling stories and puts them on display. Those are the stories people read. Those are the ideas people invoke. Those are the ideas people share.

Ok, enough rant. Here’s what you can do.

So back to the what can you do. SEO is not a process, nor a cycle. It’s a lifestyle. It’s something your business is working on every single day.

Where to start?

Start with fixing your site. Make your website legible. Google can tell when a website is properly designed and it makes sense to readers. They use metrics from Google Analytics. They can tell how many people go and how fast they leave. This determines if your content is any good. If people leave immediately after entering your site. This makes Google raise an eyebrow. Remember Google wants to share relevant stories/content.


get your business listed everywhere you can (That’s reputable). These backlinks show Google your business is more official and it has reputation. If companies like LinkedIn, FaceBook, Google My Business, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Yelp, YP, etc link back to you. That means that those companies trust you. So Google says, “If they trust them, why can’t we?”


start a blog. Provide value and incorporate your company culture with each post. The reason’s why blogs work are below:

  1. Blogging keeps your website fresh and current.
  2.  A blog keeps people on your website for longer.
  3. A quality blog gives others sites more reasons to link back to your site.
  4. A blog helps you connect with your audience.

These are things you can start doing right now without hiring some crazy SEO marketer to do it for you at a crazy rate per month.

Overall, you just want to keep your site fresh. Fresh and relevant.

If you have any questions, feel free to just drop me an email at [email protected]

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