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Some questions you might have

Can I cancel anytime?

You can cancel your contract at any time. But you must pay a small cancellation fee that correlates with your plan one month in advance. 

How long until I start seeing results?

It depends, if it’s for SEO, it might take a few months (6-12). If you have heavy traffic and you just want better conversions. It may happen overnight. 

Can I hire someone else to make edits?

Unfortunately all our plans come with an initial one year agreement. We can build you a website for a one time fee and transfer it to your hosting provider. (AWS/Digital Ocean is Fortune 500 level hosting BTW). This usually does double or even triple the initial build cost. Depending on the project.

Is the website mine after the contract is up?

Yes, your website is yours after the year is up. And you may do whatever you’d like. We can even help you set it up with another management company if you choose to. We really hope you stay with us though. 

How fast can you get the website up and running?

Usually in total it takes us about 4 weeks to fully design your website from the day you sign that contract. Some (rarely) projects can take up to 4 months. But it depends on the complexity of the website you’d like and the goals you’re trying to achieve.

What if I don't like the work? Is there any type of guarantee?

Typically we do not offer money back as we do have to pay people to people to stay and work for hours to get your project onto the internet. But if there is anything wrong with your website. Please let us know. We will do our best to make it right. And if we have to, we will discuss some different options. 

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